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Active Shooter

Unfortunately, armed intruders on campuses of public gathering areas such as government offices, schools and hospitals are becoming commonplace. The degree of capability to mitigate, prepare and ultimately respond to an Active Shooter scenario often can equate to lives saved. Response Systems designs and leads exercises to test organizations response plans to an Active Shooter.

If your plans are nascent, we conduct very effective Workshops and Games to get your standard operating procedures fleshed out. For existing plans, we will help you build and conduct larger scale exercises that accommodate LE and test the required unified command response. We also offer a venue for a simulated “live” tactical response.

Our team will help you bring together community, government and private stakeholders representing Law Enforcement, Terrorism Task Force, Emergency Management, Public Safety and Public Health to collaborate and train in a unified response.

As stated, mitigation efforts to combat an Active Shooter often means lives saved. Please read the following from the Journal of Emergency Medical Services to see how EMS and Law Enforcement have jointly planned, trained and exercised in a Unified Command to improve the odds of saving lives. Read Journal of Emergency Medical Services Article

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