Surge Supplies

Response Systems provides Surge Beds and accessories from several price points. We can complete "NEED NOW" requests for hundreds of beds to be delivered overnight. We offer custom surge supplies in various packaging or kits. If you're not sure exactly what you need, our expert staff can guide you through the selection process.

Wescot 400 Cots

The Westcot 400 is perfect for special needs and surge capacity uses. The aluminum frame unfolds into a temporary transfer bed. Shown with optional disposable linen pack and safety rails. Standard bed features include 2" convoluted foam mattress with anti-microbial vinyl cover, patient restraint, stow onboard IV pole, multi-position head elevator with locking cord, and 2 position Trendelen-berg foot elevator for patient comfort and care. Contact us if you need an Active Patient Care height bed and to learn about the Westcot 400 APC - the 30" tall Wescot 400.


  • Open Dimensions: 18"H x 32"W x 81"L
  • Folded Dimensions: 8"H x 32"W x 42"L
  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Designed for sitting or sleeping
  • 4-position adjustable back
  • 2-position adjustable foot rest
  • Fits a person up to 6'2"
  • Weather resistant polyester fabric will not stretch or lose its shape

Wescot 400 Cots for special needs and surge capacity

Reusable closed cell mattress can be decontaminated.

The TEMPS Bed – Triage & Emergency Management Preparedness System

The TEMPS system provides immediate additional bed capacity for triage during a MCI (mass casualty incident) or routine Emergency Department surge overflow. The TEMPS system consists of an easy to assemble, knock-down patient gurney and a color coded, visual indicator that provides critical triage information to medical personnel at a single glance.

The TEMPS bed is constructed of the highest quality polyvinyl chloride resin structural tubing which will not chip, dent, crack, peel, fade, stain or sustain bacterial growth. The patient support sling is a vinyl coated polyester mesh and is tension adjustable for maximum patient comfort. The TEMPS bed has been developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field of trauma and emergency medical care and has been field tested in rigorous multiple casualty disaster drills in hospitals in several states.


  • Provides immediate additional bed capacity.
  • Assembles in less than 30 seconds.
  • Utilizes 5" total lock casters.
  • 3 Safety belts standard.
  • Designed to hold X-ray film tray.
  • Tension adjustable patient support sling.
  • Mesh sling ideal for "hot zone" wash down.
  • 5 position elevating backrest.
  • Narrow profile will not block halls.
  • Comfortable working height.


TEMPS Bed – Triage & Emergency Management Preparedness System

Reusable closed cell mattress can be decontaminated.

TEMPS Bed – Triage & Emergency Management Preparedness System

CPR board slides under the patient providing a solid surface for cardiac procedures.   Egg crate and closed cell foam mattress overlays for longer term use.

SuperSurge Cot

The SuperSurge Cot is an economic alternative. For staff or citizen, this cot is extremely comfortable, safe and cleanable. Rolling storage racks and full line of disposable linens are available.

super surge cot

We carry a variety of emergency evacuation equipment. Contact us for a complete and updated list of equipment and supplies.

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