Custom Mobile Mass Evacuation Unit (MMEU)

IMMEDIATELY begin treatment in route or as other crews set up field hospital.

All communities struggle with the issue of finding enough assets to be able to swiftly respond to a catastrophic event requiring a mass evacuation. Whether you are a hospital, hospital system, nursing home, county or region, all available assets need to be identified. Response Systems produces a 16-20 patient capacity medically equipped transport bus. While we can build off new chassis, we will also re-model existing stock. We take an organization’s available unit and refurbish it for you. We can produce multi-use applications to increase the value of your response unit.


  • Safe, Secure Sheltering Transport
  • 16-20 Patient Capacity
  • Custom Patient Position Configurations
    • Beds
    • Cots
    • Wheelchairs
  • Patient Evacuation
    • Contact us for custom evacuation consulting
  • Responder Comfort and Hygiene
  • First Strike Unit
  • Mobile Triage / First Aid Station
  • Basic Medical Support System Capable
    • Oxygen/Vents
    • Suction
    • Heart Monitoring/AED


All beds and cots are foldable. The E-track on the floor system allows you to secure any combination of stretchers and wheelchairs imaginable.

Contact Response Systems for custom build pricing.

Mobile Mass Evacuation Unit (MMEU)

Mobile Mass Evacuation Unit (MMEU)

Mobile Mass Evacuation Unit (MMEU)

Bed oxygen, Outlet, IV Hookup