Recurring 1-4 hr

Emergency Management Program

There are many facets to build and sustain an Emergency Management Program. Our staff includes former Emergency Managers, Hospital Emergency Preparedness Coordinators, state level ESF-8 Coordinators, government HPP program administration and Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP). We offer EMP/EOP consulting, individual exercise and overall exercise plan support as well as training in individual or group settings for the coordinator of your program customized to his or her level of experience. We conduct these sessions live, in person or cyber based and utilize the specific tools and programs required by state/federal oversight agencies.

Response Systems will also help develop and test your Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans. We have written and been responsible for COOP plans. We understand the processes to maintain or re-establish Essential Functions, manage Human Capital and provide clear, consistent Communications to employees and the public.

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