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Response Systems offers planning/training, operations and logistical support for your organization’s Evacuation Plan. An evacuation operation is not a curb side deliverable. Response Systems assists in refining standard operating procedures within your campus or system to; decompress patient populations, triage, track patients and equipment, establishing MOU’s for transport and receiving and, if desired, manage the evacuation during activation phase.

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Response Systems has MOU/MOA’s with many air and ground ambulance providers throughout the country. These services range from standard ALS/BLS units, Multiple Patient Medical Equipped Buses and ADA equipped coach to air medical via fixed and rotor wing. We have established protocols for transporting patients with special needs such as neonatal and at risk moms.

Staff Augmentation

Response Systems supports large state disaster response operations with specialized Strike Teams. Over the past six years, Response Systems has accumulated medical assets including licensed emergency medical responders to assist your organization’s widespread needs for managing a large disaster event. Our minimum response mission is two days up to one month. We are highly experienced in writing Concept of Operations plans and Just in Time Training programs to support the sudden requirement to staff shelters, EOC and TOC, medical triage, transportation centers and field response teams. Our teams are self-sufficient, stand alone or stand besides operating units.

Evacuation Planning

Response Systems will help your hospital or hospital system prepare for a total or partial evacuation. We work with you to build an evacuation annex to your EMP. We’ll help you identify and formalize SOP’s covering critical actions such as; assist the hospital reduce census, prioritize remaining patients, identify and train logistical support for the evacuation operation, develop communications protocols with outside agencies, receiving facilities and public and build and drill on command and control of the event.

Evacuation Management

Response systems can contract with your facility(s) to manage an evacuation process for a scheduled or foreseen event. Outside resources will be directed to your facility solely for the purpose of evacuating your patients and staff. No longer will you need to rely on State or Federal resources to place you on a list and determine when and where your patients will be moved too. You will take control of your patients; how they are transported and where they go. Equally important, as we have found, we’ll help you get them back.

Evacuation Training

Response Systems will come to your facility and share successful evacuation operations strategies. We will train your staff on logistical roles to more efficiently and safely move patients. Our physicians can effectively train like medical practitioners on their roles within a HICS structure that will manage the mission. Their ability to better understand their role as a medical technical specialist will improve the effectiveness of all plans. We will work with you to develop exercises that include your outside community partners to tighten up your evacuation response capabilities.

Evacuation Vehicles

Response Systems Inc has a patent on a Mass Medical Evacuation Unit (MMEU). This unit can transport multiple patients with accessibility to oxygen and 110v power for operating monitors, suction units, IV pumps, and any other items requiring a 110 volt power source. The units are designed to move non-ambulatory patients either on stretchers or wheel chairs, or both. Wheel chairs can be secured in place in any location on the unit as all beds fold up against the wall unit if not needed. The number of patients is determined by the size of the unit; average is 16-20 beds. Separate seated space for caregivers is also provided. We custom build each unit for our clients. Please let us know how we can help.

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