Disaster Response, Planning, Training and Exercises

disaster response planning training exercises
  • Class Room Instruction
  • Workshops
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Functional Exercises
  • Full-scale Exercises
  • Plan Advancement

Response Systems provides services at all four levels of emergency management; Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Our company is not only called upon to offer expert, specialized training and consulting, design and lead workshops and exercises, we are also relied upon to respond to catastrophic events. We practice what we preach. All disaster planning and response involves a health care component. Response Systems’ “Physician Led” strategy provides critical core support to any agency tasked to respond. We offer highly specialized resources to provide the highest levels of support whether it is Advanced Disaster Life Support or Pediatric Disaster Life Support, evacuation of an ICU or mitigating the risk of an Active Shooter on campus, our team has the required talent and experience to assist.

Management and Organizational Planning

Response Systems consults and trains health care organizations and response entities on plans and execution of response. (Hospital) Incident Command System training focuses on advanced command and control techniques. We offer specialized role instruction for Incident Commanders, Section Chiefs, physicians and administrators as well as the Emergency Manager / Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

Training and Exercises

Response Systems is known for its flexibility in customizing curriculum content to address particular student/team acumen and close known and discovered preparedness gaps. Response Systems has designed and led exercises covering nearly all 15 planned scenarios and additional specialized events such as Active Shooter Workshops and Exercises recently conducted in Sacramento, Martinez, CA and Portland, Oregon.

“Absolutely kept my interest which I never thought could be done. Kudos. Kudos”.... “I always feared a disaster. For the first time I actually feel excited about the challenge”... “instruction style, technique was excellent”